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March 7, 2018
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March 14, 2018
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Read Urvashi Rautela new movie review Hate story 4

Director: Vishal Pandya

Producer: Bhushan Kumar

Main cast: Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, Vivan Bhateena, Ihaa Dhillon etc.

The story is exactly like life.Urvashi Rautela plays a lead role in this movie. Both start and end are fixed at the beginning. The story of ‘Hate Story 4’ is something similar, which is more hateful than love. This movie is the fourth film of ‘Hate Story’ franchise. In the past, ‘Golmaal 4’ has also been released for the fourth edition of ‘Golmaal’ franchise. Of course, it will be said to be the only comedy among the audience of ‘Hate Story 4’ series that now its fourth film ‘Hate Story 4’ is being released and there is the talk of the fifth movie of this series. The craze of the film can be judged from the fact that there was plenty of audience in the morning show.

Hate story 4

Director Vishal Pandya has thrown this story very beautifully. The story of ‘Hate Story 4’ is similar to the story of the second and third ‘Hate Story’. Newness is only in her treatment! The incredible screenplay and how-to dialogue, the grand production value, and the finest directive make the movie viewable. The biggest challenge facing Giant was that it was a repetition of the ghost story and he did this with great success! A stylish, sedative and straightened screenplay let you watch the movie.


Hate story 4 film story of the film is of two brothers Aryan Khurana and Rajveer Khurana living in Britain. Ridhma is the girlfriend of Aryan. He is looking for a fresh face for his brand.Rajveer searches for Tasha instead of his old girlfriend, but Aryan also gets licked on it.

The father of Rajveer and Aryan Vikram Khurana is a big businessman, who is fighting the major’s election, He gives Aryan the responsibility of keeping Rajveer and Tasha away. Rajveer wants and proposes Tasha, but Aryan makes Tasha his own by sending him out. Not only this,when Rishma sees them together,then she takes her life. After the interval,there is a new twist in the story.So who is the Tasha in the end.

The Hate Story series started with a story which was not a love story, but there was love in it and whose foundation was hatred! This experiment has been very successful and this industry is witness to this that when any concept is successful, then it is copied till it does not flop completely. The success of the Hate Story has given its inspiration to the makers who came to power and HATE Story 2, 3, and now ‘Hate story4’.


Urvashi Rautela Urvashi Rautela and Urvashi Rautela! This beautiful bulla has lifted the whole film on its shoulders with full success and strength. A heroine of this movie is only Urvashi Rautela, after seeing the honesty of his work, it can be said that in the future, other Bollywood directors can play the role of women’s films on Urvashi easily. Urvashi has played very well with his alcoholics, strong acting, and dialogue-telling dialogues.

Overall, ‘Hate Story 4’, which is made by keeping in mind the audience, is 100 percent correct. There is entertainment, sensation, romance, and fat performance too! This is a great gift for the audience for which this film has been made. This is a much better movie than the previous Hate Story.

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