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Anushka Sharma New Horror Movie "Pari" Movie Review

In the first film after her marriage, Anushka Sharma will be seen on the silver screen with her fans in a scary character who will just scare her fans. It may have happened that Anushka’s fans did not even dream in her dream. Last year, as Anushka Sharma, as producer declared the film to be made, her fans would have thought that the film’s title would have been thought that Anushka, who had become a beautiful and noble ghostie in her last film ‘Phillauri’, will be seen in a fairly white dress this time. , But there is nothing like this in this film. Of course, after watching this whole film of two and a half hours, we suggest that it is good if you keep away from this weakly energetic fairy.

Please tell, this is not a story of fairy tales, but till the end, this film is a horror movie that is quite successful in scaring every class of the audience. Of course, the review committee of the censor board has passed the film with A certificate, but in spite of this, there are many such scary scenes in the film on which the sensor should have scissors.

In this whole film, Anushka is seen in a very scary and in a look that scares her fans, while in the film Anushka Sharma appears in the film with blood clots and scratches from face to face and feet, whenever the Nail cutter With their hands and feet nails, most viewers in the scene do not understand what is going to happen next.

Most of the movie revolving around the Dhaka and Dhaka city of Dhaka and Dhaka has been shot by the director in the Dork Shade, while in the desire to make the film a totally different from Bollywood’s ghostly horror films, director Pro seat Roy has given several scenes, Shoot from a different angle.

Anuskha sharma


Arnab (Parambrat Chatterjee) and Piyali (Ritabhari Chakraborty), the marriage is final, the family of both are happy for this marriage. Before marriage, they meet each other so that they can learn something about each other. This film starts with this meeting in a park in Kolkata. After this meeting, Arnab is returning home with his family from the car, during this time there is a strange event on the road in front of Arnab’s eyes.

After this incident Arnab meets Rukhsana Khatoon (Anushka Sharma) for the first time, then his condition is very pathetic at the time. Rukhsana has injuries on the hands and feet of hands, but Arnab is sympathetic with the light of a little light and agarbatti. Despite his mother’s resentment now, Rukhsana goes to leave his house with his car, but Rukhsana wants to get off the car in a dense jungle and go home. Arnab asks him to leave the house, he refuses.

Not only that, when Arnab gives some money to keep the money, Rukhasana refuses. In the middle of a thick forest, there is a stuck in a broken cottage, but when Hasheem Ali (Rajat Kapoor), who is in search of Rukhsana, goes there with his men, Rukhsana runs away from there. The next day, in a very scared condition, wearing ruddy clothes, Rakhasana goes to Arnab’s house. Arnab’s house, Rakhasana feels safe, Arnab also takes care of him, but Hassim Ali, looking for Rukhsana in place, arrives at Arnab’s office with his men and tells him something about Rukhsar that Arnab’s feet The bottom ground goes down.

Movie Director

This is the first film of Young Director Prison Roy. There is a good hold on the film and all the roles that have been prolonged until the end. Of course, the speed of the opening 20-minute film is extremely slow, but Anushka’s presence on the screen and his touching heart in every scene hide this flaw. The camera work of the film is very strange, while the background music of the film keeps you in the same scene. There is another USP of the best VFX movie. If talking about acting, of course, this is his best film of Anushka’s film career so far. In this movie, Anushka has shown the character of Rakshana, a girl wrapped in very scary clothes and made her life from her superb acting.

Parambrat Chatterjee has acted according to the character, while Rajat Kapoor’s praises in the role of Hassim Ali will be reduced. At the same time, many scenes of the film are extremely scary. In such a situation, we will also advise our readers that if you are going to look at this film, then strengthen the heart, because, after the interval, there are many scenes in the film which is not arguable for those who are weak. Well, the preview of the sensor reduces the length of the film in the scene, but this is probably not done due to the film’s script and story demand. Still, if you are a junkie of horror films, then definitely watch this movie made from the old leaks of Bollywood horror movies. Anushka’s heart touching act will remember her fans for a long time but look at her own risk.

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